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 (August 28, '02)


As this site is developed you will find more and more technical material to help you get the very most you can from your Thompson/Center Contender and Encore firearms in all rimfire and centerfire rifle and handgun configurations.

For 24 years I have specialized in barrel work, and as a result you will find I have many points of view that will differ greatly from long standing popular opinions found elsewhere.  

I started out first manufacturing button rifled barrel blanks and cut-rifle reboring barrels doing all sorts of custom rifle conversions.  So I know barrels from a different perspective than most.  I grind my own reamers and have made quite a few forming and reloading dies.  My background is much different from others doing custom Contender and Encore work.

Many of my findings will contradict what you think you know about gun barrels and may be difficult to conceptualize.  For this I apologize, but it is the result of being deeply involved in barrel work.  It is my desire to convey  the things I have learned in a meaningful manner that will broadly expand your successes shooting these marvelous firearms.

Your interests are my first concern.

Enjoy your visit.  Take your time leaving, and hurry back often.

Mike Bellm

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