Don Bower Long Range Shooting Clinic held at Alliance, NE
May 6-9, 2002


The 11th shot out of my .222 Rem. Mag. Imp. 16 3/4" Contender, Hart barrel blank.  Distance 660 yards with a new, untested load of 30 gr.  WW-760 and 80 gr. Sierra BTHP Match, lit by CCI Mag primers.  Aiming point and goal is to hit the middle edge of the angle iron and split a bullet.  May 9, 2002, Alliance, NE.






Ernie Bishop's center hit on the 660 yard angle iron target.  Pictured left to right proud Ernie, Marc Sheehan the newly appointed head of the Bower shooting program at Alliance, NE, and the "Old Sarge" himself, Don Bower.






Look at that range flag in winds that gusted to 30-40 mph during the 4 day event at Alliance.  I think Don finally got everyone to reluctantly believe "The Wind Is Your Friend."  This is looking at the  rams at the 500 yard line.  We "zeroed" on the rams, then shot at the 660 yard angle iron to the left of the rams.








Our bud, founder of the Long Range Handgun Association on the internet, and the man largely responsible on the net for promoting Don Bower's long range shooting regimen, Paul Klauger with his 500 yard group.  Yep.  He has been a good Bower student and can shoot!






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