.30-30 Conversion Alternatives

...why not the 30/40 Krag nice case with good rim and more powder capacity than 30.30 .



Why the issue of the Krag in a Contender won't die remains a mystery, but it won't.

The thin brass is problematic, especially if you bump pressures up to potentials, and ANY highly tapered case is more prone to set back, thus putting more back thrust on the frame.

All points of argument favor the .444 Marlin or .307 Win. based cases with thicker, stronger brass which does in fact contain much of the pressure load in the barrel.

If more people would read and take seriously "The Experiment Every Contender Shooter Should Perform," they can test for themselves the phenomenon that occur in the chamber resulting from various pressure levels.

Movement of the case in the chamber relative to the breech face cannot be observed with the extractor in the barrel, but fire the barrel without the extractor after first noting and measuring the protrusion of the case head in relation to the end of the barrel and the barrel to breech face distance WILL reveal the effects of:
1)size die adjustment, good or bad,
2)collapse of the shoulder when the firing pin hits the primer,
3)how much the frame itself flexes when the fired case head sticks out of the end of the barrel MORE than what the barrel to breech face gap measures.

These are the basics, but you can also study the effects of case taper, thickness of the brass, and surface finish of the chamber wall, i.e., slick or slightly rough.

Read the article about "The Experiment...."

Including the argument in favor of factory ammo for the Krag, there is no argument that holds water. The 180 gr. factory loads in a Contender handgun barrel have application only for big stuff like hogs, elk, or bear maybe, but for 90% of potential users, they would be better served by something perhaps less nostalgic but more effective. There are just a multitude of better choices.

The final determination is more one of what you want to pay for dies. When all is said and done, in spite of wild claims by their promoters, you can throw them in a bag, shake 'em up, and they come out "sixes." The fact remains that you have:
1) the same case head diameter,
2) within a range of limits, the same thick case web,
3) a minimum body taper,
4) more than ample case capacity, and
5) the same pressure limits.

Unless one is going over the pressure limits, which some purveyors do, badly, one is no faster than the others.

Case in point. At Alliance, NE, I witnessed 7mm Bower loads being shot in a Contender that were too damned hot for even a bolt action rifle, yet Don acted like nothing was wrong and proceeded to demonstrate how to manipulate the Contender to extract sticking cases as a routine operation.

He would have you believe the 7mm Super Bower is the ultimate Contender cartridge.

Parallel situations exist with the various .30 caliber Contender cartridges.

So again, choice of cartridge boils down to what you want to pay for dies..... and I guess just how gullible you are.

THE TC Heretic

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