List of Articles to Help Answer Common Questions about TCs.

"Accidental Discharges" 1/31/02  No such thing and no reason for it to happen.

What a Chamber Throat Is 2/1/02 

    Throats are something I discuss here all the time, but just what is a throat?  This is included  in "About
    Factory Barrels," but I felt it deserved to stand alone as well.

About Factory Barrels

    Matter of fact points to look at, especially when considering reworking a barrel. Posted 1/27/02

Go Full Custom, or Rework a Factory Barrel?

    Depends on your objectives and your budget.  Here are some good guidelines.

The Experiment Every Contender Shooter Should Perform

    This is the short version that explains the relationship between how the Contender functions and how you
    resize your cases.  It applies equally to the Encore, but the Contender is more sensitive to misfires due to not
    knowing size die adjustment fundamentals.  Must reading to save your sanity.

Chamber Throats 101 

    Few shooters, or gunsmiths for that matter, understand the importance of the DIAMETER, not referring to
    length, of the throat and how well it is centered with the bore.  With this guide you will learn what to look for in
    the throats of your barrels and how to judge both the relative size of the throat diameter compared to the
    groove diameter and how well it is centered.  YOU can do it!

Safety Warning Concerning Contenders and Encores

    Both guns can be quite dangerous IF you allow the hammer to rest on the firing pin with a round in the
    chamber.  Read this and understand how the safety mechanisms of these two different frames function.

Blowing Shoulders Forward

    A new simple and sure way to blow shoulders forward without stretching cases.

Fire-lapping Barrels

    What it is and parameters for doing it to enhance accuracy without doing more harm than good.

Bellm/Shearer Spring-back Breech Pressure Index

    How to determine a functional maximum pressure level with .444 Marlin based wildcats in the Contender
    using precise measurements of the case webs.  If you have read this before, take another look.  It now has
    the all important graph of the pressure curve that was lacking previously.  Note the inflection point on the
    graph.... this  is the redline point we are talking about.

About Your Contender Trigger Job 

    This explains what to expect with light trigger pulls and/or super smooth trigger & striker contact points.
    Posted 1/21/02

Contender Barrels That Unlock and Fly Open When Fired   Why it happens and what to do about it.

Contender Misfires.  Why it happens and what to do about it.  Posted 1/25/02

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