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Contender and Encore Firearms

What I do to help you get the most from them.

Barrel Work:

I specialize in rechambering barrels to longer cartridges with emphasis on correcting existing chamber throat misalignment and oversize throat diameters, as well as rechambering to maximize performance.  My primary focus and hallmark is a co-axially aligned chamber throat.  This is something you assume you are getting from various sources, but in reality you are not much of the time..  If the throat is not co-axially aligned with the bore and kept to a minimum diameter, bullets enter the rifling canted.  Bullets that start out canted are also thrown out of balance and are the primary reason many barrels are either inaccurate or very difficult to make shoot accurately.  

My thesis is that a barrel properly throated will shoot more accurately every time and will much more readily shoot more load combinations accurately.  This is the premise I work on no matter what the chamber is, and I have proven it works time after time.

Anyone can buy a reamer and cut a chamber, but few do it as well as it should be done.

When choice of chamber cannot be obtained by rechambering an existing barrel, you may also buy un-chambered barrels from Virgin Valley Custom Guns and have me custom chamber them. I do make a few barrels myself but do not take orders. I work alone and cannot handle the logistics of making barrels from scratch. Virgin Valley does and excellent job making barrels, and using their barrels lets me focus on chamber work.

Wildcat and Improved chambers are great, but the dies are expensive. Many of the same benefits can be had using common dies, and thus the Bellm Triad of cartridges was developed to give top performance with minimal cost using standard .358 Win, .308 Win, 7mm-08, and .260 Rem. off the shelf dies.

With over 500 reamers already and grinding my own reamers as needed, I can and will chamber for just about anything.  But bear in mind, the burden for obtaining custom dies may fall on you.

Precision 11 degree target re-crowning, square to the bore, cleanly cut for best accuracy.

Barrel Fluting is now available on un-tapered barrels up to 20" long.

Muzzle brakes are machined into barrels rather than added on.

Scope mounting options employed incorporate additional base screws and where permissible, line reaming scope rings to minimize damage to scopes.

Trigger Jobs:

To be a viable shooting system, a good trigger is a must on any gun, and the Contender and Encore triggers can be some of the very best. To this end, I do trigger jobs and have also made it possible for individuals to do their own.

Jan. 1, 2001, Encore Trigger Jobs on CD-Rom was introduced showing shooters how to do their own Encore trigger jobs. A full range of trigger/sear springs in 7 different tensions make it quite easy to get the pull weight wanted with minimal work or skill.

Wyoming Sharpening Stones are now also offered so individuals can get the smoothest possible trigger pulls when doing their own trigger jobs.

Other Accessories:

Oversize Hinge Pins (Contender and Encore) to tighten up barrel to frame fit at the hinge.

Hammer Extensions, including Encore hammer extensions that won't slip forward and fall off.


Making TCs shoot the best they can ..... that is my quest!


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