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An example of what tightening the hinge does.
This shooter reports:

This barrel was trouble from day one.  I had decided to replace the barrel.  The barrel was loose in the action with the original hinge-pin and the 1X tightened it right up!  3 groups of 2 shots later there is the result with just regular old Hornady 139g Ballistic tip .280 Rem. ammo.  Nothing special.  Those shots were from 100yds with a lead sled. 

Conserving factory ammo, instead of the usual 3 to 5 shot groups, he shot 3, 2-shot groups like this one. This was in conjunction with our 51 pound hammer spring, but the results are very routine with the tighter hinge fit alone. However we strongly recommend discarding the marginal 30 pound factory hammer spring and installing our 51 pound spring for all cartridge barrel applications especially.

Bellm Encore/Pro Hunter Oversize Hinge Pins, 1x size
Just enough larger to make a major improvement in fit and accuracy in the majority of barrel and frame combinations. Fits virtually ALL frames and ALL factory and custom barrels without reaming.

Bellm Encore/Pro Hunter Ovesize Hinge Pins, 2x size
Only about .0005" larger than the 1x pin, it fits a large percentage of holes. The opposing hole or holes MAY require reaming if it is much smaller than average.

Bellm Encore/Pro Hunter Oversize Hinge Pins, 1x & 2x two pin pac.
The most practical combination for the majority of barrel and frame combinations and strongly recommended for active Encore/Pro Hunter shooters with more than one frame and a number of barrels.

The following Encore sizes are for more extreme fit problems and usually require reaming one or more of the three holes in the barrel & frame.
Best reserved for guns with just one barrel dedicated to one frame.
Bellm Encore/Pro Hunter Oversize Hinge Pins, 3x size
Bellm Encore/Pro Hunter Oversize Hinge Pins, 4x size

Bellm Contender/G2 Oversize Hinge Pins:
Bellm Contender/G2 Oversize Hinge Pins, .3752 in. size
Fits virtually all Contender/G2 barrels and frames where the factory pin has any trace of wiggle when tried in each hole individually.
Bellm Contender/G2 Oversize Hinge Pin, .376 in. size
Only for extremely large holes where a barrel is dedicated to just one frame.
This size requires reaming at least one of the three barrel and frame holes in most all situations where this size pin is needed to get a good fit.


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