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What will the guys in camp say when you pull out this little Titan Missile cartridge to load in your Contender?

9.3mmx72-R on the left, .30/06 middle, and .357 Rem. Maximum on the right.

This 1890 straight wall cartridge is only very slightly larger in diameter at the head than .30/30 Winchester, yet it easily swallows 50 gr. of powder!
The European C.I.P. maximum pressure for this cartridge was set low, black powder era low, at 29,000 psi. Its standard load to regulate in the drillings it was used in is a .365-.366" diameter 193 gr. bullet at 1980 fps.

Yet in the Contender it can be run at around 48,000 psi.
What will it do with nearly 20,000 psi more pressure?

Just what is its potential in a Contender handgun?

And, better yet, what will it do in a Contender rifle length barrel?

I intend to find out over the coming months!

I ignored this cartridge for years but by accident stumbled into it, dug deeper, and figured out this all but forgotten round has to be a real contender for the title of Ultimate Contender Straight Wall hunting cartrige.

Here's the logic:

First off, the larger .444 Marlin based cartridges like .358 Bellm and .358 JDJ have to be kept down to about the 45,000 psi level, while smaller diameter cartridges like .375 Winchester and 6.8 SPC in the 48,000 psi range can be run in the Contender. However, the less stretchy G2 frame is much preferred over the more frail Contender frame.

The smaller diameter chamber exerts less force at equal pressures.... pounds per square inch. Smaller fraction of a square inch, fewer pounds of force exerted on the breechface.

Putting one together and feeding it.
Match Grade Machine has 9.3 blanks on hand and will make whatever length of 9.3 barrel you want for either Contender or Encore frames.

At this writing, Huntington Die Specialties has Norma brass on hand.

Hawk makes 200 gr. bullets appropriate for this round.

CH-4D makes the reloading dies (and also makes dies for a .358 version on the same case for those interested in a wider choice of bullets).

If you are under straight wall cartridge limitations and interested in this round, let me know!

Mike Bellm
Phone: 541 956 6938


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