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Dr. Tony Gettel's website for more information, Click here.

Here is an example of what is meant by pillar bedding.
The pillar bedded forend is the mainstay of my work. Inletting black is used to verify only the pillar is touching the barrel. The bipod stud hex nut is recessed in the barrel channel and epoxied in place.

Aluminum sleeves around the forend screws project up into the barrel channel to create "standoff" between the forend and the barrel reducing contact between the two to only two points immediately around the screws so the barrel is "floated", making no other contact with the barrel or frame.

This provides more consistent accuracy by minimizing the forend's influence on how the barrel vibrates when it is fired and as it heats up from shot to shot.

Wood for Rifles & Carbines

The most popular laminate, black and gray.


Thumbhole laminate, 6mm Br
Photo courtesy of R. W.

Wood for Handguns

Fiddle back maple stained dark with a Turkish walnut forend tip on an Encore with the factory taper barrel.

Nicely figured walnut on a Contender.

Dr. Tony Gettel's website, click here.


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