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XS Sight Systems aperture sight shown mounted on an EGW picatinny scope base rail

Works on any Weaver style scope base. Weaver brand bases have adequate cross slots to still mount the scope in most instances.

The EGW rails are about 3/4" longer than Weaver's, so with the picatinny rail you still have at least as much length remaining as you would with a standard Weaver rail with no sight installed on it.

XS 2-screw front sight base, same hole pattern as TC's 2-screw front sights as used on Contender/G2 barrels and Encore handgun length barrels:

I'm sorry my pic does not do justice to this nicely finished front sight base, MUCH better finished than TC's cast front sights and a nice addition to your barrel's appearance.

Standard 3/8" dovetail slot accepts YOUR choice of front sight blade type as commonly supplied by XS, Marbles, Williams, and various others.

Choices include various sizes of front sight round bead, color (brass, white, different colors of fiber optic), patridge square post, aperture front, target globe front sights..... lots of choices!

Important points:

1) All barrels I cut and crown shorter than about 20" have to be drilled and tapped so I can anchor a sleeve to the barrel for precision recrowning. I normally use the common TC 2-screw front sight spacing, meaning you can use either a standard TC 2-screw front sight with square patridge blade or the XS sight. No extra charge for drilling and tapping shorter barrels for front sight.

2) For barrels 20" and longer, I have a smaller lathe that will let me center the barrel in the headstock spindle so that I do NOT have to drill & tap for front sight. So if having a barrel crowned at 20" or longer you must specify that you want it drilled and tapped for front sight, $25 additional.

3) For barrels that I machine my brake into, you MUST specify if a front sight may be installed so that I give you the slightly wider spacing between the top row of ports so as to clear the front sight.

Front Sight Heights
Makers of sights supply instructions for measuring and calculating sight heights. I quickly looked through the XS instructions, and they looked quite good.

Brownells is s good source of sights from various manufacturers, and you will find instructions in their catalog as well.

For sight suppliers, do a web search for Brownells, Williams, Skinner, Marbles, etc.

XS Sight Systems, Click here for details
XS has a broad array of sights for just about every shooting discipline. Check them out!

I had never heard of XS sights, but after installing the pictured set for Joe D. in San Antonio, I am quite impressed with them.

So, thanks from all of us, Joe!


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