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Accuracy Guarantees
Accuracy "guarantees" are often worse than a joke and some border on simply fraudulent.

There are simply too many variables for an "accuracy guarantee" to mean much.

The content of our website should clearly convey the extents to which I go in assuring particularly throat alignment and clean, square crowns. No other custom shop I know of goes to the extents I do or the approaches I use with the exception of David White. This is your best assurance of an accurate, reliable barrel and is worth far more than advertising statements that cannot be backed up.

I give a reasonable materials, workmanship, and function warranty as is customary and expected, but it is not reasonable to expect me to replace a barrel when the rest of the system totally prevents a barrel from giving good accuracy and reliable functioning.

I do not play the game of "barrel roulette" hoping you get lucky. I know from watching TC for 34 years that it is pure foolishness that wastes everyone's time and money throwing another barrel at a problem when the barrel is not the issue.

Therefore, any discussion about replacing a barrel due to accuracy issues must start with how well you have followed what has been dubbed, “The Bellm Protocol” as detailed on our website.

If you have done your part with the necessary, easy to “do it yourself” steps to be taken by either you or someone competent to follow these steps for you, I will cheerfully replace a barrel that does not shoot well for you.

I am a "one way" guy. Do it right the first time. When I send a barrel out, I don't want to see it again unless it is for options to be added to it.

And guess what. Very, very rarely does a barrel come back at all. I probably have the lowest return rate of anyone in the biz.

Mike Bellm


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