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Weaver 6-screw Scope Base ( Silver Color )
SKU - CWSB ( Silver Color ) With 4 cross slots the Weaver 92A uses 2 to 4 of any of the popular Weaver-type rings. The 6-screw hole pattern is the same as used by Virgin Valley Custom Guns, SSK, and many others where the front pair of holes is spaced the same distance apart as the standard two pairs and all holes in the pairs are spaced the same from each other.

Stock Weaver screws have a "pinch" at the end that loses about one thread's worth of screw contact. The countersinks in these bases have been deepened and the screws ground to length to give optimum thread contact. Inadequate thread contact combined with high recoil puts your barrel at high risk of stripping out the threads in the holes. 6 screws with optimum contact are simply good insurance, not only to keep the scope base secure, but also to prevent damage to the barrel from stripped threads.

If you have ever bounced screws across the room or burned your fingers grinding them to length, you will appreciate the fact that I have already done this for you on a machine I set up just for this purpose. But do check to see that screws are not being deformed at the bottom of the screw holes and that there is a "signature" mark on the bottoms of the screw heads indicating the screws are pulled down all the way and not bottoming out in the holes before they pull the base down tight.

Tip: When installing Weaver-type rings on barrels with muzzle brakes, use at least 3 rings. Slide two of the rings to the FORWARD limit of the cross notches in the base, and slide the other ring, or other 2 rings, to the REAR limit of the cross notches. Reason, rings tend to slide forward while the bullet is being accelerated down the bore, but when the blast hits the brake, depending on the design of the brake, it either radically slows down the movement of the barrel or if the ports are angled to the rear, it jerks the barrel forward. This in turn tends to slide the rings to the rear. Over a period of time, this fore and aft movement will batter both sides of the cross notches if the rings are just randomly installed with regard to the cross notches. And obviously, you do not want your rings sliding around. They are supposed to be secure, right? Taking this simple precaution stops the movement even on .444 Marlin barrels which represent the most recoil normally encountered with Contenders, likewise with the high recoil calibers on the Encore.

Get the security and custom appearance you want more cost effectively.


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