A TC fluted stainless Pro Hunter barrel stubbed into an existing Contender barrel, then chambered to .300 Whisp-R Improved, what the Contender & Encore version should have been to start with.

Cases are made from .357 Rem. Maximum brass by first annealing, then forming in the .300 Whisp-R Imp. full length size die and trimmed to 1.4"

Overall length of this ultimate Illinois legal deer sniper Contender barrel is 19 1/4"

This is a joint project with David White supplying the Pro Hunter stainless fluted barrel and 

"stubbing" it into a Contender barrel stub.

(Note: This barrel is sold but can be duplicated or made to order. I'm leaving it here on the site as an example only.) 

Chamber work, drilling & tapping, and crown are my work.

.300 Whisp-R Imp. rounds and dies

CH-4D custom dies are $85 

 Note that we are not making any Contender barrels but can supply Encore barrels in either .300 Whisp-R Improved or .300 Blackout, rimmed or rimless. The larger diameter, sharper shoulder Ackley Improved type shoulder gives better headspacing for both rimless and rimmed ammo.

 It is superior in design to the original .300 Whisper, but is set up to shoot the standard .300 Whisper ammo fine.  Once the standard ammo is fireformed, reload it with the .300 Whisp-R Imp. dies.  

 No fireforming is required with the rimmed cases made from .357 Max. brass. Do any final sizing required for correct headspace on your particular frame, then load and shoot. Use standard .300 Whisper loading data, focusing on the slower powders.  

 Case capacity is increased only slightly with very little effect velocity wise. Based on experience with Remington .357 Maximu brass, it is extemely durable brass. I have cases I have loaded with severe overloads for test firing that are from the original batch I started with close to 20 years ago and cannot recall any failing so far. 

 It is quite hard and MUST be annealed at the neck and shoulder before sizing down to .30 cal., otherwise virtually all cases will split lengthwise.  Both annealed, formed, and trimmed brass and just annealed only brass are on hand. Any .30 Carbine, .32-20, .327 Federal, or .32 H&R; Mag. can be rechambered to .300 Whisp-R. Click on the link for details about sending barrels in for custom work.

Here you can see the stainless barrel tenon inside the blued barrel. The two dimples on either side of the extractor are where I stake the extractor in place and lathe bore both the extractor and the end of the barrel for proper rim counterbore depth and perfect fit.

The extractor spring is also used so you can shoot both rimless standard .300 Whisper ammo made from .221 Fireball brass or rimmed made from .357 Max. brass interchangably.

Cleanly, sharply cut crown showing the clear outline of each land and groove. No charge for the fiber on the end of the barrel at 2 o'clock.

By drilling the forend screw holes directly into the barrel, both handgun and carbine forend screw spacings can be done on the same barrel.

The front holes are too closely spaced to use dovetails.  

 Note that a slightly longer forend screw is required.

  Any common No. 10x32 screw can be used whose head fits your forend.  My favorite is the socket head screws which are harder than most pan or fillister head screws. 

 Virgin Valley custom 6-screw forend is anodized aluminum.

6-screw attachment of the Virgin Valley base with Torx screws.

This 19 1/4" fluted stainless barrel is $450, plus $15 shipping. (Sold, left here as an example if you would like one made up to your specs.)

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