These three frames are different as night and day in some respects and identical in others. So how do you know which is which?

Hang on tight.....Here we go......

Basic Differences

  • Frame Sizes: Encore is bigger than G2 or Contender,
  • Barrel diameters where they seat in the frame: Contender/G2 13/16," Encore 1" so they do not interchange, thus,
  • Scope Bases: Encores have a larger radius on the bottom,
  • Internal mechanism: Contender has a hammer block, Encore, and G2 sears lock the hammer at half-cock,
  • Trigger Mechanisms: Two different types of Contender trigger groups both of which are removable while Encore and G2 trigger mechanisms are not removable,
  • Firing Pins: Encore is centerfire only, Contender and G2 have a selector on the hammer to fire either centerfire or rimfire,
  • Hinge Pin Hole Diameters: Encore is 7/16" (.4375"), and Contender and G2 are 3/8" (.375"),
  • Internal Frame Mechanism Springs: No Springs in the Contender frame interchange with Encores & G2s,
  • Forend Screws: Contenders & G2s use No. 10x32, and Encores use No. 8x40 screws,
  • Hammer Extensions: Two different sizes for Contenders--vintage with the selector lever on top of the hammer is the same size as on Encore and G2,
  • Dry Firing: Encores and G2s should not be dry fired unless the firing pin bushing is removed and the fall of the hammer cushioned while Contenders can be dry fired continuously with no harm at all to the frame SO LONG AS THE HAMMER IS NOT COCKED (Dry firing simply releases the striker in the trigger group and gives the full effect of the trigger pull, independent of the hammer being cocked. Opening and closing the barrel resets the striker),
  • Forend Screw Hole Spacing: Hole spacings for handgun barrels is different carbine hole spacings in both Contender/G2 barrels and Encore barrels.
  • Grips/Buttstocks: Contenders, G2s, and Encores all take different grips, buttstocks, and forends.
  • Basic Things in Common
  • Hammer Springs: Encore and G2 use the same spring,
  • Trigger/Sear Springs: Encores and G2s use the same springs, none of which work in Contenders,
  • Locking Bolt Springs in the Barrel Lug: ALL barrels for all three frames use the same Locking Bolt Spring,
  • Hammer Extensions: Encores and G2s use the same hammer extension,
  • Scope Base Mounting: Barrels for all three have the same hole spacing and use No. 6x48 screws, but the holes in Encore barrels are about .050" deeper,
  • Retaining pins in the barrel lug: All use 1/16" diameter roll pins for the extractor and 3/32" diameter for the locking bolts, but retaining pins for the Encore are longer for the wider lug it uses,
  • Trigger Overtravel Screw: Same No. 4x40 screw size for all three, but length actually required for any given frame varies from 3/16" more common to Contenders to 1/4" which is more common to Encores and G2s,
  • Interlock Mechanism: All three frames have an interlock to prevent the frame from firing a round unless the barrel's locking bolts safely engage the frame far enough and thus push the interlock back far enough to permit the frame to fire a round,
  • Grips/Buttstocks/Forends: All vintages of Contenders are the same,
  • Trigger/Sear Spring Pliers: Use for both G2 and Encore,
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