If you go to the range to practice shooting regularly, it becomes a very unpleasant experience for you to switch from one bag to another because you do not have a bag solely dedicated to that purpose. 

Having a bag solely dedicated to your trip to the range makes it easier to clean up and put away your bag after every use, rather than having to empty the same over and over again. A range bag or concealed carry bag is a necessary transportation accessory for the “normal” things you need at the shooting range as well as for the more specified or unusual items that tag along. 

A bag filled with the right gear can make your shooting experience much more valuable and enjoyable.  For those of us who prefer to shoot for the pursuit of accuracy, the top break single-shot, single-

action Thompson Center Contender is like no other, and for good reason:

  • They are very accurate.
  • They're easy to handle.
  • They're customizable.
  • They're customizable. 
  • They maintain their zero.
  • Contender pistols weigh about a pound less than similar Encore pistols and rifles weigh a full 2 pounds less, making them popular brush guns that can be carried all day without the extra bulk and longer barrels of the Encore series. It’s easy to swap barrels on these guns, even in the field, giving hunters a vast number of options, letting them change out barrels and calibers, stocks and forends, as needed. But finding the right range bag/carrying case for this handgun can be challenging due to its overall length of up to 23 in (depending on the barrel). 

    The Galati Gear Pistol Pouch is an effective way to store and transport your G2 Contender Pistol with room to spare. Not only can you slip your G2 Contender into the padded pocket sleeve, but can be used as a divider for separating your pistol from other gear or a second pistol. This allows for a quick-access, easy-to-carry rig for your favorite handgun. 
     Padded with 1" closed-cell foam, this generous in size 22" x 12" slim profile case features four elastic straps to hold extra magazines, reinforced carry handle, and quality holds its value at bargain prices!

An added benefit is the concealability using Galati Gear Pistol Pouch - the idea behind any concealed carry bag is that it has to blend in and not attract any extra attention. 

With the aesthetic of a laptop case, the Galati Gear Pistol Pouch blends in any environment making it not only a great range bag but a great concealed carry bag while transporting your G2 Contender to the range or the hunt.

Bottom Line

It can be generally tough finding the right case for your firearm, after all, accessories should be taken as seriously as the firearm itself. The Galati Gear Pistol Pouch proves to be a solid investment that won't break the bank and fits hunting handguns like the G2 Contender perfectly!

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