The SIG P365 changed the concealed carry world. This little gun quickly became enumerated with awards and became the top-selling firearm for several years running. Why? Because it’s an absolute game-changing concealed carry pistol. Why? Well, let’s explore that.

What Sets it Apart

The capacity to size ratio of the P365 is what sets it apart. The SIG P365 comes with a flush 10 round magazine, but it’s in a gun that is the same size as a single stack 9mm. The P365 is even smaller than the Glock 43 but fits ten rounds compared to the Glock’s six. The P365 is the first gun small enough to pack ten 9mm rounds but still squeeze into your pocket.


The SIG P365 is not just a great gun all around, but it’s feature-filled. The P365 comes with metal night sights made by SIG. The front sight features not only a tritium vial but a bright green insert that makes it easy to find the front during both the day and night.   

 The P365 uses a drop-in chassis system. The chassis is the legal portion considered a firearm. This allows you to swap frames, slides, and more to customize the P365 to your liking.   

 The P365 also features an adaptable magazine system. The gun comes with two 10 round magazines, but 12 and even 15 round magazines are widely available

Ergonomics and Controls

The gun is just the right size to squeeze into most hands. My gorilla hands are more comfortable with the extended baseplate to keep my pinky from hanging. The P365’s texture grips your hand well and keeps the gun from squeezing its way out. 

   The controls are very simple, and with the base model, the P365 has no manual safety. A model with a manual safety exists should you choose such a thing. The controls are regulated to the magazine release and slide lock—both easy to reach and maybe too easy. 

   My thumbs do pin the slide lock downwards and prevent the slide from locking to the rear when the weapon runs empty. Keep in mind I wear a 2XL sized gloves. The P365’s magazine release is quite large and easy to access, which makes reloads quick and easy.

To The Range!

The trigger is absolutely fantastic. Someone is smart at SIG when they designed the P365. The trigger is smooth and light, with a very short reset. The reset itself is tactile and audible. If you can run a trigger, there is no reason for your sights to move as you pull said trigger.  

 The gun recoils without snap and pain. It doesn’t feel like a high five when it strikes your hand. Muzzle rise is typical for smaller guns, and a good two-handed grip will help control that. The SIG P365 is easier shooting than most small guns, but you won’t confuse it for a full-sized P226.   

 Accuracy is excellent with the trigger and solid sights. You can get a good focus on the high visibility front sight, and the trigger works wonders. Even out to 25 yards, I found the accuracy to be impressive. I was able to strike a 10-inch rifle gong 100% of the time at 25 yards.

24/7 P365

The little P365 is the gun that can get it done. The P365 namesake is perfect because the weapon is easy to carry day in and day out. It’s short and lightweight, it’s easy to handle, and offers you an amazing capacity for the size of the gun..

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