Straight-Wall Chamber Options for handgun deer hunting in Illinois and other states such as Indiana, Ohio, Iowa, Delaware, and reportedly parts of Montana that have "straightwall case" regulations for handgun deer hunting:

One of the best is the .357 Remington Maximum, and the best way to obtain an Encore or Contender barrel in this caliber is to pick up the phone and give me a call, 970.433.9525

Accuracy is superb when throated using my techniques and gives a good trajectory for 150 to 200 yard shots.

BELLM TCs is now a Commercial reloading company and I have special loadings for .357 Rem. Maximum. Encore or Contender barrels already chambered to .357 Rem. Maximum are available directly from Kurt Bellm TCs, (970) 433-9525

Or, contact me personally, Mike Bellm, for a custom barrel via Match Grade Machine, where I am now located. We rechamber from barrel blanks or 357 mag.

.357 Rem. Maximum is one of the very easiest cartridges to reload for and is probably the most efficient deer hunting cartridge there is in an easily managed 10" Contender barrel. The TC factory .357 Magnum 12" G2 barrels rechambered to .357 Rem. Maximum are a perfect blend of barrel length and weight for the Max. cartridge as a handgun round.

You just can't beat .357 Rem. Maximum for accuracy, relatively light recoil, and excellent long range trajectory. It is one little killing machine!

Many brands of .357 Magnum dies can be used to reload this "stretch" version of a .357 Magnum.

Other Straight-Wall Chamber Options:

TC Contender or Encore .375 Big Bore, Encore .444 Marlin, and both Contender and Encore barrels in .45/70.

Mike Bellm can also rechamber .44 Magnum barrels to .445 Super Mag. and .444 Marlin.

Encore barrels in .454 Casull qualify and can also be rechambered to .460 S&W; if its 1.750" case length does not exceed your state's cartridge case length limit regulations. Rechambering to .460 S&W; cuts out most of the factory forcing cone in the chamber for better accuracy when properly rethroated in the rechambering process I use.

New revolver options also include things like .480 Ruger, .460 and 500 S&W.;

My personal opinion is that the vast majority of hunters are far better off with lighter recoiling rounds they can shoot accurately. Cartridges like .454 Casull, .460 S&W;, and the larger bore sizes are way beyond the shooting abilities of most starry eyed hunters that read too many magazines but don't do enough shooting to really know what THEIR capabilities are. The big .45s and larger are overkill for deer and relatively few hunters can shoot them well enough to be launching those beer keg projectiles at deer.

For a new barrel chambered and ready to hunt call Kurt Bellm 970.433.9525

To have an existing barrel re chambered Call Mike Bellm today and get ready for your best deer 

season opportunity. (541) 956-6938

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Includes Rechambering  

 Contact Kurt Bellm, 970 433-9525, for availability of new barrels ready to shoot.

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