Add this feature to extract a case in a hurry under any conditions!  

 HIGHLY recommended for belted mag chambers and when hunting dangerous game where a problem with extraction can mean either lost game or even your OWN loss of life! 

 Adds greater convenience and reliability to all centerfire barrels.

On occasion a rimless or belted mag round can be loaded into the barrel with too much gusto and result in the case in front of the extractor with no way to readily remove the case or close the barrel.  

 This can be a simple annoyance or really life threatening when hunting or being hunted BY dangerous game. 

 When the customer linked to above said he had shot elephants as close as 8 yards and was going to take the .375 H&H; Mag. barrel I was reworking for him to Africa for a "Big 5" hunt, the last thing I wanted was to see someone getting hurt or killed when the gun would not function due to a round skipping over the extractor, a round that could not be removed quickly, and the gun disabled!

Enter TBOSS, The Bellm "OH SHIT!" Saver.

Pardon the language, but such utterances have come from the most otherwise reverant of believers' mouths under extreme conditions when a gun can't or won't function, regardless of the gravity of circumstances. 

If you don't like the word shit, then use the Apostle Paul's Greek word for shit found in Philippians

3:8 where he said from the King James Version:

"Yea, doubtless, and I count all things but loss for the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord: For whom I have suffered the loss of all things, and do count them but DUNG that I may win Christ." 

Folks, the Greek word Paul said was "scabula", which meant, literally human shit..... 

not just the generic word "dung."  So if you want to be more sanctimonious, you may call the TBOSS "The Oh Scabula Saver" and use "holy" language taken directly from the original Greek scriptures in relaxed situations or mixed company.

  But when "_ _ it" hits the fan, likely you will revert to language most common to bad situations.

We love the break open single shots, 

but the fact is that when one is inoperable due to a case stuck in the chamber beneath the extractor, its one weakness rears its head..... the inability for quickly and reliably loading another round when the extractor does not function as it should. 

Knowing this potential and doing work for shooters who place themselves in precarious positions hunting dangerous game,

 I came up with a means of giving access to cases that otherwise would be stuck in the chamber with no ready means of removing them and reloading. 

TBOSS also gives a more substantial "purchase" on any rimless case head for much easier case removal from the barrel, even with gloved hands.


                                                                                    Close up with sides scalloped


Here is what happens, especially with belted mag cases.

 In order for the belt of the case to cam the extractor down and pass over it, the back side of the extractor must not be a sharp edge, meaning, it must be slightly beveled. 

 What often happens is a round loaded briskly into the chamber may cam the extractor down ok, but the extractor may not jump back up and catch in the extraction groove of the case. The case then ends up in FRONT of the extractor, and unless the extractor is shaped just right so it can cam back under the case rim, the extractor will remain caught between the case head and breech face preventing closing the barrel.

  But with TBOSS, the barrel is milled away exposing about 1/8" of case head and the extraction groove. You can then get ahold of the case head to pull it out, or if hung up on the extractor, the extractor can be nudged down either with the same hand in one motion or with the free hand and the case easily withdrawn from the chamber.  As demonstrated below, you can also use the rim of another round to extract the case from the chamber, meaning you do not even need an extractor.  

 Broken or bent extractors are no longer a problem. 

 If the extractor itself fails, one can use an object such as the rim of another case to catch the rim of a fired case and then extract it from the chamber.  Hazard the thought, but a key, knife, screwdriver, or other similar object could also be used, hopefully carefully and judiciously. 

 Again, the fact is, you don't even need an extractor with TBOSS. 

 Note there is no extractor in this barrel.

Single horizontal cut style, $50 

 Just insert the rim of the next round under the rim of the round in the chamber and pry the case out of the chamber.  

 Once you have the case head exposed, grasp the case between your thumb and the case you are prying with as pictured below.

Removing both belted mag and rimless cases is made easier using the rim of one case hooked under the one in the chamber.

 TBOSS gives more clearance for doing this quickly and easily.

Isn't it dangerous to expose the head of the case? NO WAY! 

 Part of the case head is exposed, unsupported by the barrel, in most ALL types of guns.  Look at the extractor slot in the end of the barrel. It exposes approximately 1/8" of case head that receives NO support whatever from the barrel.  Nearly all bolt action rifles have the case head sticking out of the barrel by about 1/8." About .115" for Mausers. The bolt nose counterbores in the ends of Remington M700 barrels is .155" deep . Just two quick examples.  There is no danger and no reason to NOT expose part of the case head, at least far enough to expose the extraction groove. 

 It only makes good sense! 

 Close up side view of the triple cut TBOSS with the barrel closed.

Triple cut style $100 Note there is one cut across the end of the barrel, and a vertical cut from each side. The larger arc from the breech forward is the vertical cut, right hand side.

 Two styles to choose from:

 Single cut across the end of the barrel $50

Triple cut. One cut across the end of the barrel and one vertical cut from each side of the barrel. $100

The vertical scalloped cuts on each side of the chamber give freer, quicker access, especially with gloved hands

Add this feature to Encore/Pro Hunter and Contender/G2 barrels. 

 Choose between the more economical single cut or the triple cut that gives quicker access and with more clearance with gloved hands.

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