The Thompson Center factory makes a great rifle but can fall short in providing a true performance trigger that you can depend on to produce Sub-MOA results. Let's face the fact, fighting a heavy inconsistent factory trigger is a battle that takes time and practice to win. You simply can't perform your best if your trigger pull is heavy or inconsistent.

Getting to a high level of precision not only takes time, but it also takes knowledge of your weapon and a commitment to perfect practice.

It’s all about accuracy. Rifle triggers are meant to be squeezed very slowly. Accurate and precise shot placement on an animal is extremely important so you shouldn’t rush the shot process and pull the trigger to make the gun go off. That will lead to your bullet missing the mark and hitting in a different place entirely.

While shooting a rifle, you don't want to know when your rifle goes off. Just like in archery, anticipating the shot leads to flinching. Instead of pulling the trigger back suddenly, just gradually add pressure to the trigger while keeping your crosshairs on the animal. Eventually, the rifle will fire with a surprise break.

Heavy triggers can also cause you to flinch and are more difficult to achieve a clean break. Most factory triggers are set at approx. 4 lbs and ones that have an adjustable trigger usually have a range of 3 to 5 lbs. 

While many of the modern rifles have adjustments, these adjustments can only take you so far. Demanding the best means you need a simple cost-effective solution - BELLM TCs trigger job springs are the answer!

For an amazing reducTCRed pull weight trigger job that you can DO YOURSELF - The 22 & 10/22 Trigger Spring Kit brought to you by the pros at BELLM TCs. Our new trigger spring will provide the performance trigger you will be proud of and with our detailed instructions, you can do this!

TCR22 & 10/22 Clone Trigger Spring Kit - How To Install

What We Offer

Brought to you by the pros at BELLM TC's, our TCR22 spring kit will provide an amazing trigger pull for a fraction of the cost of a drop-in trigger group. 

The TCR22 by Thompson Center is a fantastic shooting 22lr, and a great value because it accepts most 10/22 accessories! It comes highly reviewed and recommended but the trigger tends to be heavier then most prefer for accurate shooting. 

I LOVE my TCR22, just as much as I do my custom 10/22's, but just like my 10/22s I am always looking to make them better and so offering a quality spring kit to lighten trigger pull was in order. Save a ton of money, learn how your TCR22 functions and lighten the trigger pull using the BELLM TCR22 spring kit.

  • Includes Custom trigger return spring and sear spring. 
  •  Amazing reduction in pull weight, 50% or better in our tests. 
  •  Tremendous value compared to an aftermarket drop-in trigger group.
  •  Immediate improvement in general accuracy and function. 
  •  Custom designed and MADE IN USA. 
  •  Free instructional video on youtube, tech support article. 
  •  Free tech support, we install what we sell. 
  • If you don't feel comfortable installing you can send to us. 
  •  BEST RESULTS for the LEAST amount of money. 
  •  Free BELLM TCs sticker well supplies last.

    Regular Price: $14.95
     Our Price: $11.95

If you're going to be making this upgrade you may find the following Owner's Manual for your TCR22 useful in fully understanding your firearm!

TCR22 Owner's Manual

We literally wrote the book on the Encore trigger job nearly 20 years ago and have helped THOUSANDS worldwide obtain outstanding triggers with our inexpensive trigger spring kits and easy to follow instructions. 

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