The 4 Most Innovative PCC

Pistol caliber carbines have exploded in popularity, and there are dozens of different types and designs out there. I started this article as a simple list of what I think are the best PCCs. Along the way, the list got too long because there are so many amazing PCCs out there. Instead, I approached it from a perspective of what are the most innovative PCCs on the market. Here are the four most innovative PCCs.

CZ Scorpion

Innovation comes in many different ways and the CZ Scorpion innovated by delivering a highly customizable platform that's still respectively proprietary. The Scorpion is immensely customizable, and CZ loves to team up with various manufacturers to improve their platform. This includes big boys like Magpul for the Magpul edition Scorpion and smaller companies like Manticore Arms, who produced a CZ Scorpion bullpup kit with CZ's assistance. 

   The CZ Scorpion is a 9mm platform that comes in both rifle and pistol variants, and there are about a half dozen different CZ variants alone. The CZ Scorpion is a blowback-operated weapon that feeds from a proprietary magazine that is remarkably affordable. The CZ Scorpion is super reliable and extremely simple. The design allows you to customize the gun to your specific needs, and it's almost as customizable as a AR 15.

CMMG Banshee

The Banshee series of PCCs is massive and comes in a ton of different calibers to include your standard 9mm, as well as 10mm and 45 ACP. The Banshee uses a revolutionary operating system designed by CMMG. This radial delayed blowback system eliminates most of the downsides associated with blowback operation.

 The radial delayed system eliminates the need for a massive bolt, spring, and the rough recoil created by blowback systems.   

 The Banshee is an AR-type carbine that is short and superbly light. The gun is quite accurate, and the recoil is superbly low. This is the perfect choice for someone who needs a competent and capable lightweight home defense weapon. The Banshee is a slick and sleek firearm that's rock-solid reliable, and brilliantly innovative. So far this is my personal favorite just because running an AR is just, well, second nature.

KelTec SUB 2000

KelTec produces its guns in the United States, creates innovative designs, and somehow still finds a way to make their weapons affordable. The SUB 2000 is one of their most famed firearms, and it packs plenty of innovative features. KelTec designs the gun to work with most common handgun magazines, including Glock, SIG, CZ, S&W, and many more. Of course, the most revolutionary feature is the fact the KelTec can fold in half.   That's right, and the gun can fold in half at where the barrel meets the receiver. 

The folding action effectively cuts the gun's length in half. The short design is easy to stash in a bag and makes for an excellent truck gun. The low price, magazine commonality, and folding design make this one awesome PCC

Ruger PC Charger

The Ruger PC Charger is the pistol variant of the relatively new Ruger PC Carbine. The PC Charger is short and sweet and a bit handier than the larger carbine. The Charger is innovative in numerous ways. The first is the breakdown action that allows you to instantly remove the barrel and break the gun down for an easier to transport package. The PC Charger also features a dead blow blowback system.   

 This involves attaching a weight to the bolt, which reduces the recoil associated with blowback actions. This tungsten weight reduces bolt travel and makes the Ruger PC Charger an easy handling subgun. The PC Charger gives you a 1913 rail to allow you to adopt SIG MPX/MCX braces or stocks. Oh, and the PC Charger can eve take Glock magazines.  

Innovation and Beyond

Pistol caliber carbines are sweet weapons, and they are fun, cheap to shoot, and potent enough for self-defense. They come in a wide variety of different configurations, calibers, and, as you can see above, innovative systems.

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